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Wade Davis Lecture Response

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Article Critique


These assignments include reading an article or listening to a lecture (all available for download on Blackboard) and writing a brief 1-page response that includes a short critique and discussion of what you feel are the most important points presented by the author/speaker. These
assignments are meant to allow a great deal of freedom in your learning experience, but I do expect a college level sophistication in your critique and response. Simply liking or disliking the article/lecture will not grant you any points for these assignments. Although the writing assignment is small, I do expect to see at least three elements in your responses. These include:
1. Identifying the main point/objective of the article or lecture
2. Providing a brief discussion of what you feel were the most important point/components of the article or lecture.
3. Providing constructive criticism of the article or lecture based on its content and possibly the theoretical approach of the author or speaker (keeping in mind that I am not interested in whether the article was poorly written or if the speaker is boring, there simply isn’t enough space for that in this assignment, and I am far more interested in content and
This is a response, so your opinion should feature prominently. Full points will be awarded to those who produce a well thought out and well written responses. Please keep in mind that:
• All written assignments will be graded on grammar, spelling, clarity, content, organization and critical thinking.
• All written assignments must be typed in Times New Roman size 12 font, double spaced with standard 1-inch margins. Assignments that do not follow these guidelines will have points deducted. Hand written assignments will not be accepted.
• A hard copy of each writing assignments are to be handed in at the beginning of class on the date they are due, and will not be accepted via email.
• Late assignments will be deducted by 10% for every calendar day they are past due (including weekend days). No assignments will be accepted after one week past the due date.
This assignment requires a minimum of one page of writing. You are free to write a longer response, but please keep them to a reasonable length. There is no reason for these assignments to be four or five pages long. This assignment is designed to enhance your learning experience by allowing you to make it what you want from an intellectual standpoint.

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