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Waste Management through Product Design

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References should be more from journals and books. Very less from internet sources

The topic should be focused on environmental sustainability issue and should also include critical analysis.
• The topic must be highly relevant to the module subject i.e. focussed on an environmental sustainability issue.
• Drill down into specific ‘sustainability’ topics and include a critical analysis of your research findings.
• Referenced correctly, identifying your sources to add weight and validity to your work.
• Each source must be appropriately analysed for its findings rather than merely repeated or quoted.
• There is a clear structure.
• Use a clear comparative framework to link the different sources of information.
• Addresses issues of bias, consistency, validity, reliability, and generalisability.
• Has a clear introduction and a supported conclusion.
• Include images and tables in your research to support your arguments and findings
• Reference images and tables from other sources using a title below each image and make sure to identify the source.
• The research topic should also investigate area relevant to Supply chain management i.e. how better waste management can be handled with better supply chain management

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