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Website Analysis

Designated Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe and demonstrate a process–oriented approach to writing, employing multiple drafts for the creation of essays. III, IV
2. Write a clearly stated or implied thesis statement supported by the entire essay. II
4. Follow recognized patterns to write essays for specific rhetorical purposes. III
5. Design essays that demonstrate awareness of audience and rhetorical situation. I
6. Construct essays that contain sufficient evidence and quality examples suitable for a specific rhetorical purpose. VI, VII
7. Analyze and evaluate oral and written communication representing diverse points of view and use the information as supporting
evidence in essays. I, VI, VII
8. Demonstrate correct diction, syntax, grammar, and mechanics in writing assignments. V
10. Use MLA style to document those sources correctly in the text of a paper and to create a Works Cited page. IV, VI
Since the start of the pandemic, more than ever, websites have become a company or institution’s primary
means of getting information out to potential customers or clients. Therefore, being able to analyze information
on websites, including being able to determine how and why it is presented, is a particularly important skill.
This essay will require students to analyze key components of a selected website that is affiliated with
PSCC and is marketed to PSCC students: that of the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies, or
TnCIS for short. TnCIS offers three- and four-week programs in foreign countries during the summer in
which students complete a single college-level course. For this essay, each student will choose a
particular TnCIS program (country or region) on which to focus.* The resulting essay should formally
analyze the TnCIS website’s rhetorical and visual components, all to help potential TnCIS participants
make educated decisions about the website, including but not limited to whether or not to attend the
program in question.
The introduction should set up the program of choice, TnCIS itself, and/or the benefits of studying
abroad, and the thesis should set up the overall intent and methods of the specific program’s webpage.
The first two body paragraphs of the essay will then consist of rhetorical analysis. Each of these
paragraphs will focus on the use of one of the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, or pathos) in the
language found in the Program Overview tab as well as the top (“Class Information”) and bottom
(“Excursions May Include”) sections of “Program Details” tab. (Please note for both these paragraphs
that the website creators MUST use conditional verbs – they are not allowed to promise a particular
experience.) The third body paragraph will be a visual analysis of important images used in the various
tabs of the program’s website.** The conclusion will tie these various points of analysis together to
make an overall statement about the webpage and how its creators try to make that particular program
appeal to potential students.

Go to this website,%22filterValues%22:%5B%7B%22value%22:%22Summer%22%7D%5D%7D%5D

You have to pick one of the summer programs to write about and they have to have have TnCIS at the end of it

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