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Week 2 Assignment Phases of Disaster Response

Week 2 Assignment Phases of Disaster Response

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the psychological phases of disaster response and how these are uniquely experienced by affected individuals and communities. Through the course materials, we have learned that psychologically processing disaster events generally follows a predictable set of phases. Although this is not always the case, these phases are the norm versus the exception in disaster behavioral responses.

· For this assignment, briefly explain the five commonly accepted psychological phases of disaster responses. As a reminder, these include (1) the pre-disaster phase, (2) the hero phase, (3) the honeymoon phase, (4) the disillusionment phase, and (5) the reconstruction phase.  

· After providing a review of the phases noted above, examine individual and community responses to a disaster event of your choice, provide a summary of the psychological phases of disaster response displayed in the example.

· Explain, with detail, how the selected phase(s) is appropriate to describe the observed behavior(s) from the example.

· Close your work with a discussion of the role of cultural competence during any of the phases of psychological disaster response and how such awareness might affect the actions of behavioral health professionals as psychological first aid (PFA) is implemented.

Work should be submitted in a Word document (doc. or docx.) or other compatible word processing document, and be 4 to 6 pages in length, excluding the required title and reference page.

Scholarly sources should be cited both in-text and on the reference page of the submission. A minimum of two academic, scholarly sources are required to be cited in the work.

Submissions should be formatted per 6th edition (revised) APA standards. For assistance and resources on APA formatting style, please see the APUS Writing Center at Writing@APUS.

The Week 2 assignment should be submitted by SUNDAY of Week 2, NLT 11:55 pm ET to the Week 2 Assignment Link accessed through the Assignments Link on the left of the main course screen. The school Late Policy applies to all course assignments and can be found in the course syllabus.

Please see the assignment rubric for complete point breakdown and contact your professor with additional questions or concerns.




Needs Improvement



Identifies phases of disaster response

40 points possible

Student identifies, with accuracy and detail, the five psychological phases of disaster response; providing scholarly support to further enhance the section.

Student accurately identifies the five psychological phases of disaster response, including supporting sources. Greater detail might have enhanced the section.

Student identifies at least 3 of the 5 psychological phases of disaster response accurately. Details were lacking and support from sources were not present.

The psychological phases of disaster response were not accurately identified; details and supporting sources were not present.


Summarizes phase(s) in example

40 possible points

Student identifies the phase(s) of disaster response seen in the example, providing accurate and detailed explanations to why the phase is appropriate for the selection.

Student identifies the phase(s) of disaster response seen in the example, providing a general overall as to why the phase is appropriate for the selection.

Student identifies the phase(s) of disaster response seen in the example, some inaccuracy may be noted and explanations describing why the phase is appropriate for the selection are lacking.

Phases of disaster response from the example are not identified.


Examines cultural competence

40 possible points

Student includes a coherent, inclusive discussion of cultural competence, noting the ways in which culture might affect disaster response, including the professional’s ability to provide PFA.

Student includes an adequate discussion of cultural competence, highlighting the way culture influences disaster response.

Student includes a discussion of cultural competence; however, many details providing context related to the way in which culture influences disaster response were lacking.

The discussion of cultural competence is not included.


Writing style

15 possible points

Work is presented in a logical and coherent way. Writing is clear, articulate, and error free.

Work is grammatically sound with a few minor errors.

Work contains frequent grammatical errors.

Significant grammatical errors within the work severely affect the readability.



15 possible points

APA formatting is complete, with all required elements identified in the instructions included within the work.

APA formatting is complete with some minor errors and/or exclusions of required elements noted in the instructions.

Work contains incomplete and inaccurate APA formatting.

Work contains no formatting.



150 possible points

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