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What are the threats to shorebirds

what are the threats to shorebirds

Introduction (1/2–1 page)
Time to apply your research!
Introduce your research topic and forecast career challenges.
Finish with your research question or thesis statement.
Research Discussion (1–2 pages)
Discuss key arguments from your four sources.
Highlight similarities in their conclusions or methods.
Oppositional Views (1/2 page)
Anticipate objections if these ideas were implemented in your future workplace.
How would you address critics or opponents? It is okay to say, “I am not sure.”
Conclusion (1/2 page)
Summarize your insights and research findings.
If you used a thesis statement, rephrase it to start your conclusion.
Your Research Project should be 2-4 pages long, excluding the Title and References pages. Feel free to use APA in-text citations and references, but there’s no penalty for not doing so. These are skills for you to practice and perfect in future Husson courses. Let’s get started on this exciting learning journey!

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