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What is the relationship between the U.S and the U.K’s student debt?

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The essay has to be 4000 words long. It can have 10% more or less words.

The structure is formed by and Introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

The introduction should state the research question, the arguments that will be discussed and a plan of the essay.

The main body should be divided in different paragraphs, which should discuss different arguments.

I would like for the body to include these arguments (not necessarily in this order):
o The student loan industry (background information)
o What Financialization is
o Securitization of student loans:
– definition of securitization
– what happens to students
– how is the system changing
– who are the key actors in the securitization industry (department of education, institutional investors etc.)
– who benefits from the expansion of student debt? (consider the article by Susanne Soederberg about SLABS and high default rates.
– The political nature of the processes surrounding the commodification of debt
o Relationship between the student loan industry of the U.S compared to the industry of the U.K

The conclusion should re-state the arguments and answer the question of the essay very briefly after considering all the above arguments and it should reveal what is really significant.

The essay should include arguments that have been put forward by the authors in the literature.

Arguments should be critically analysed.

Links between different authors/arguments/perspectives should be drawn.

The arguments should be somehow criticised either by adjudicating among competing claims, bridging competing explanations, or by developing your own original explanation

Empirical evidence can be used to adjudicate among competing theoretical arguments

Non-academic sources can be used

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