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where and why tipping is changing

For this assignment, you will write a response paper to On Point’s “Where and Why Tipping is Changing.” A response paper is neither a report nor a summary. Your objective in responding to a text is to go beyond it.
One way to frame your response is to consider how On Point succeeds or fails at its purpose. This approach means you need to consider the context, audience, and purpose of the podcast and determine for yourself if they meet their aims.
The second way to write this paper is to consider one of the arguments presented by the guests and respond by agreeing, disagreeing, or both with said argument. You will then be building off of this claim and your response. So, if you had disagreed with a claim made in the podcast, explain why you disagree and proceed to disprove the podcast’s claim. Or perhaps you agreed with a claim, now you need to add to claim and its reasoning—create a stronger argument for it. Your essay must have a clear thesis at the end of your introduction.
2) The essay should be 4-6 pages (1000 to 1500 words) double-spaced in MLA format, with one inch margins. (Mac users need to check their Word’s default document margins.)
3) You must use at least 2 sources in your essay—one of which is the artifact/speech/
4) You need a citation page, which does not count toward essay length.

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