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why do we keep inventing slang?

rite an essay of at least 800 words that answers one of the following questions:

Why do we keep inventing slang?
How do different (or specific) cultures manipulate English?  Why?
Should slang be considered appropriate for academic writing?
Which is more valuable, language as communication, or language as expression?
This essay should be written in MLA format, and follow the academic structure that we learned in class (Intro, with a hook and thesis, Body, with topic sentences, definitions, evidence, and relevance to thesis, and Conclusion, with a reiteration of thesis and a So What?)

You do not need to do any outside research for this essay, although you may use any of the readings that we have done to help support your thesis.

Sample Essay Structure Outline:

Argument (Answer to one of the four questions)
Reasons (Why you think your answer is correct)
Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason 3
Paragraph addressing Reason 1
Paragraph addressing Reason 2
Paragraph addressing Reason 3
Restate Thesis
Try to answer “So What?”

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