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Winnipeg Architectural Style and Materials Assignment

EVDS 1602 Valmestad: Winnipeg Architectural Style and Materials Assignment

Choose a Winnipeg building from the list below. If you want to focus on another building that is not on the list, please come and see
me. I acknowledge that these are primarily settler colonial architectural styles from Western architectural history and that more
research is needed on Indigenous ways of knowing and architecture.
1. Provide tombstone information on the building (name, architect, address, date) at the top of the page. Include two
photographs of the building (1) full face of the facade (2) detail of material (taken by yourself if possible).
2. Under image 1, you will provide all the citation information on the building in caption format.
3. Between the images write the following: Materials: (brick, wood, concrete, stucco, terra cotta tile, etc.
4. Under image 2, identify yourself as the photographer, detail of building, date etc. in caption format.
a) HISTORY: Identify and give a brief history of the architectural style, with examples of precedents. Include proper building
name, architect, location and date.
b) CHARACTERISTICS: Describe the architectural style’s characteristics and apply this to your building, providing detailed
examples. Provide some discussion on the architect and her/his work and give examples of other projects that they have
c) MATERIALS: Do further research on the façade/exterior of your building from a materials perspective. Your analysis should
include an identification and contextualization of the material.
Questions you might think about include: define the material; where was it made or quarried, what companies were involved; is there any
interesting history about the material?
I expect at least 5 academic sources from the library/reading list in your bibliography. Please include footnotes and
bibliography in Chicago 17th Edition (Notes & Bibliography) style. Your footnotes and bibliography will be marked on content,
format and proper organization. All information is on the Environmental Design Guide under , .
Include a cover page with your name, building name, student number and date. Include building name in file name.
Winnipeg Buildings to choose from:
• University of Winnipeg, formerly Wesley College, 1896.
• Bank of Montreal, 335 Main Street, 1911-13.
• Legislative Building, 440 Broadway, 1913-1920.
• Canadian National Railway Station, 123 Main St., 1909.
• Paris Building, 259 Portage Avenue, 1915-1917 or Electric Railway Chambers, 213 Notre Dame Avenue.
• Thunderbird House, 715 Main Street, 2000.
• John A. Russell Building, University of Manitoba, 84 Curry Place, 1959.
• The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 300 Memorial Boulevard, 1971 OR Qaumajuq, 2021.
• University Centre (University of Manitoba Student Union Building), University of Manitoba, 65 Chancellor’s Circle,
• Migizii Agamik, University of Manitoba, 114 Sidney Smith St., 2008.
• A building of your own choice, but you must clear it with me first.

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