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Wit Film and Patterns of Knowing

Directions –

This is based off of the movie “Wit” by Mike Nichols 2001

Write one paragraph to answer/discuss each bullet.

•    From a nursing perspective, in what ways did you see each of the five patterns of knowledge described by Chinn and Kramer emerge in this film. Write one  paragraph to answer/discuss each bullet.

•    Discuss the profundity in the insight of Jon Donne’s poem “Death be not Proud.” Vivan struggled with this work as a young scholar, but what does this mean for Vivan and the current existential crisis she is faced with?

•    Discuss how current nursing theory is identifiable in this film (refer to one or more applicable nursing theories and or theorists).

•    Describe how new theory development could emerge from any situation in this film.

•    Support your ideas about the film in a critical way that spoke to you.

•    Include at least three references.

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