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Women and Cultures

First half a page :
Social conditions for women vary from across the globe. Examples include policies, expectations and laws regarding marriage and divorce, inheritance, driving, political participation, family violence, etc.
For this assignemnt you will explore the world’s diversity regarding women’s social roles.
Based on the two cultures or nations you selected, post and explain two ways that women’s roles are similar and two ways they are different.

Note: Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references .

SECOND half a page: Cultures have different views of understanding psychological disorders and psychological maladjustment. For instance, some cultures may view psychological conditions resulting from a bio-medical condition such as a brain condition. Other cultures view psychological conditions deriving from psychosocial stressors from social causes. Still other cultures combine multiple explanations. For this reason, as a working professional, it will be important for you to understand how culture influences the way psychological conditions are treated.

For this assignment, you will examine the influence of culture on psychological conditions or treatments.
Post and describe a psychological condition or treatment that was unfamiliar to you. Then, explain why you think this condition or treatment occurs in the culture you read about but not in others, that you know about.

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