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Work crews and community service

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Please do 6 slides with 1500 words..On Community service and work crews in Australia.

I have attached an example of a presentation..

Please follow the same format and include 6 slides.. with 7-8 references..they have to be mainly from Australian websites..

Strengths and weakness..

Use a sociological perspective

Is this punishment effective?

Risk involved in

I have started it..will attach..

Assigning offenders to community service in Work Crews has been introduced as a sentencing option for low risk offenders in some Australian states. Prepare a powerpoint presentation (of up to 10 slides) with a 1500 word commentary, that describes the intended operation of Work Crews, and critiques their use as a form of punishment from the perspectives covered in this course. Your presentation should review the principles of punishment that underpin this proposal, and discuss them from a sociological perspective. As part of this process you will consider the strengths and limitations of such a response in relation to understandings of the offender and victim in the penological process.

  1. What should I put on the slides? You should only have dot points and headings. The key is not to put too much information on the slides. Most of your information should go in the Notes section at the bottom of each slide. 3. What format should my Notes section (underneath the slides) be written in? You will need an introduction, body and conclusion, just as if you were writing an essay. This is outlined further in the additional information section.

Criteria Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Mark

  • Relevant research on work crews VG G S U •

Relevant research on the principles of punishment. VG G S U

  • Research on the range of social theories that explain punishment. VG G S U • Critical, creative and effective use of relevant and appropriate sources. VG G S U
  • Evidence of independent research VG G S U /20 Analysis and Interpretation:
  • Overview of relevant offending behaviour VG G S U
  • Outline of criminal justice response under consideration (work VG G S U crews)
  • Identification and demonstrated understanding of relevant principles VG G S U of punishment
  • Identification and demonstrated understanding of relevant social VG G S U theories explaining punishment.
  • Ability to summarise why these VG G S U concepts are relevant in the analysis of work crews
  • Ability to identify what consequences VG G S U this has for how we understand the offender(s) and/or victim(S).
  • Ability to identify how this relates to VG G S U the forms of punishment addressed.
  • Identification of strengths and /50 VG G S U limitations of such a response. Presentation:
  • Clear and effective structure which VG G S U develops a structured response to the set task.
  • Easy to follow slides that logically VG G S U present information in a structured way
  • Clearly developed commentary that VG G S U responds to/is linked to the slides.
  • Clear written expression VG G S U
  • Complete and appropriate referencing VG G S U of all sources.

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