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I need you to analyze two pages from Homer’s Illiad (Penguin Classics edition). I will attach 2 pages to this submission. Please don’t use sources a student can’t find. I wrote instructions below. I need to upload
this paper to turnit in so be careful about that. It should be around 1550 words

Genre: What is it? What type of document is it (public, private, published, handwritten, etc)?
Author: Who wrote it? Why did they write it?
Audience: Who did they write it for? How was it received?
Context: When was it written? What was going on at this time? What does the document refer to?
Content: What does it say? Is there a direct or indirect significance to what is said? What can you say about its language and the way in which it is written?
Significance: Summarising the answers to the above questions to evaluate the document and its significance for the study of the period and of a particular subject.

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